Photos from Lakeside Lanes, June 14-15, 2008

Classic Finalists

(L-R) Jessie Orsby Jr., Chester Pyzik Jr., Mary Williams, Katha Phadongpun, Lenny Wright

Classic Champion

(L-R) Mike Fagan, ABT Director; Chester Pyzik Jr., Classic Champion; Elvis Presley, The King

Masters Finalists

(L-R) Darryl Purdy, Phil Shaw, Mai Thitipravati, Sal Suarez, Barry Savasta

Masters Champion

(L-R) Mike Fagan, ABT Director, Sal Suarez, Masters Champion; Elvis Presley, The King

Haircut Photos!

Darryl Purdy and his daughter Alayna with Director Mike Fagan who has "assumed the position".

Uh, Alayna, have you ever done this before?

Alayna quit early. It looks ok from the side, but you should see the back!

Mary Williams did a fine job giving Rick Wunder his Albuquerque buzz cut.

Mike Martenson wants a little more taken off the front.

Looking good.  Rick complains that Elvis didn't get his hair cut too. What's up with that?

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